Frequently Asked Questions
Tour of Guam Frequently Ask Questions
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When does registration open?
Registration opens on September 1, 2016

When is the last day to register for the Tour of Guam?
Registration closes on Thursday, December 8, 2016 at 5pm.

Where can I register for the Tour of Guam?
Registration for the Tour of Guam is available at Pacific Islands Club Guam front desk and online at
What is the minimum age to participate in the Tour of Guam?
You must be at least 15 years old or older on the day of the race to participate in the Tour of Guam. All participants under the age of 18 by race day must provide written consent by a guardian.

What do I need to bring to packet pick up?
Race numbers, chips, and t-shirts will be distributed at the race packet pick up on Saturday, December 10, 2016. You MUST pick up your packet on this day between 9AM – 5PM at the Guam Visitors Bureau. There will be no packet pick up on race day. Please bring a valid photo ID.

When do I get my race number and timing chip?
Event participants may pick up their timing chips and race numbers on the day before the race at the Guam Visitors Bureau on Saturday, December 10 between 9AM – 5PM. Race numbers and timing chips will not be available on race day. Event staff will assist riders with race number placement and timing chip placement.



Can I have personal sag vehicles and personal support staff while racing?
Yes. However all non-official race vehicles are requested to stay behind race participants and be aware of traffic ahead and behind them. Drinks and food may be provided to riders, but for safety reasons it is requested that personal support staff do not provide support from moving vehicles. Riders must also be aware that drafting or receiving any other motorized vehicle support is prohibited and will result in rider disqualification if witnessed by a race official.

Will there be water stops provided on the race course?
Yes. There will be 4 aid station points along the course.

Aid Station 1


Aid Station 2


Aid Station 3


Aid Station 4


 Will there be a mechanic available before and during the race in the event that my bike is not functioning properly?
Yes, there will be a mechanic on site before the race and during the race (on the course). Mechanical assistance will be provided on a first come, first serve basis and as such, riders may have to wait for this assistance to be provided. Race participants are encouraged to carry a spare inner tube and inflation device. Race participants are encouraged to have their bikes inspected and serviced at Hornet Sports prior to the race.

When I am done with the race, do I need to turn in my timing chip?
Yes. All riders must check-in with race event staff after completing the race to turn in their timing chip. A fee of $25 will be assessed to any rider not returning the timing chip.

Is there a time cut off for Tour of Guam race participants?
Yes. The cut off time is 8 hours. Race support will be provided for all riders from the start time of 06:45 to the cut off time of 15:00. Riders still on the race course may elect to complete the race, but on course support and finish timing may not be available.

In the event of an injury, will first aid be provided?
Emergency first aid will be provided by the race organization, however, hospitalization and any required aftercare costs must be assumed by the participant.


Can I use an ipod or headphones while I am riding in the Tour of Guam?
For safety and communication reasons, wearing headphones is prohibited during the race.

I have a triathlon bike. Can I still enter the Tour of Guam?
Yes, but the triathlon handlebars will need to be removed and replaced with traditional “curled” road bike handlebars. Aero bar extensions are also not allowed.

Is there a Mountain Bike category?
No, but Mountain Bikes are welcome to participate at the Tour of Guam

I am visiting from off island and want to do the race. Is there transportation available?
Group Ride Along: Participants will be required to meet at Guam Visitors Bureau by 5:00AM on race day to participate in a group ride along to the event site the group will be departing promptly at 5:30 AM, no other ride along time will be available.

Will there be transportation after the event?
Yes, there will be transportation after the event. Buses will be leaving regularly and will drop all participants back to Guam Visitors Bureau. No further transportation services will be provided by the event organizers.

What kind of weather can I expect for the race?
The months of November are generally recognized as the best time to visit Guam. Temperatures range from 24C (76F) to 30C (86F) and humidity is lower than during the summer months. Westerly trade winds provide further relief from the heat. However, keep in mind that Guam is a tropical destination. Be prepared for hot weather and an occasional rain shower while riding!

Are there any special precautions that I should take due to the hot sunny weather we will be racing in?
Yes. Riders are encouraged to thoroughly hydrate with electrolyte replacement drinks before, during, and after the race. In addition, it is recommended that race participants carry with them easy to digest food such as Gu Energy Gels or Clif Shot Blocks. Riders are also advised to apply a sweat proof sun block prior to the start of the race.

Will there be a bag check area on site?
Yes. Before the race, personal belongings may be checked into the Bag Drop tent located on site. Participants will be allowed to check in the race ditty bag only. Please see bag check-in procedures when you receive your race packet.